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Professional Floor Polishing Services

Abacus Flooring offers high quality floor polishing services in Sydney at competitive rates that will ensure you are more than satisfied both now and in the future. The floors of your rooms are an important aspect, both aesthetically and functionally. So, choices about flooring should not be taken lightly. A correctly installed timber floor can increase the value of your investment significantly. But an important part of having a timber floor is ensuring it is properly cared of, which includes polishing. We have unparalleled experience in timber floor polishing of any kind, meaning we will be able to assist every client. We use the latest in floor polishing techniques and strategies, allowing us to turn old and damaged floors into brand new looking timber floors. We have learnt to incorporate new technology and expert knowledge into our floor polishing procedures to ensure you, the client, are ultimately satisfied. We have an extensive range of useful and appealing floor polishing options, allowing you to have a choice. Selecting the right timber polish is an important first step and the consultants at Abacus Flooring will be able to advise you on the best finish for your timber floors. Our team is in a league of its own when it comes to service and attention to detail, always taking care of the little things, from the initial consult all the way to the finished product. We have an impeccable track record of happy clients and polished end products, which you can see in the ‘Gallery’ section.