Frequently Asked Questions

Which will appreciate more, natural wood flooring or carpets?

Most real estate agents believe homes with wood floors hold their value better, sell faster, and fetch higher prices. People know when they see a superior wooden floor they are getting quality and often with carpet there is potentially less quality flooring underneath. Wooden floor give prospective buyers more choice as to either cover with rugs or leave bare.

Does wood flooring go well with most design styles

Whatever style of house you are building whether ultra modern, contemporary or traditional design, natural wooden flooring is the most versatile floor covering. A variety of woods and finishes will compliment the décor and style of any room.

How do I choose the type of wood flooring?

There are many factors to consider including texture, grain and colour. The type of wood you choose will also depend on whether it is low or high traffic area, type of finish, dimensional stability required, and consideration of acoustics, under flooring, availability and cost. Your qualified Abacus flooring specialists can help your choose the right type of flooring for your property.

Is wood flooring hyperallergic?

With regular maintenance wooden flooring does not harbor irritating dust and microorganisms. This provides a healthier environment for allergy sufferers.