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Professional Floor Installation Services

We are a trusted Flooring Installation provider in the Sydney area. When it comes to classy and sophisticated floor styling, pure timber flooring enhances any room by giving a distinct allure that homeowners cannot get enough of. With a sleek and long-lasting finish, timber floors produce an enduring appeal that brings sophistication and elegance into your rooms. We guarantee that our competitive prices and the quality of our timber floor will blow you away.

Having your timber flooring installed by professionals is vital in ensuring the longevity of your floors and ensuring that they look as good as possible. Whether you have decided on vinyl, laminate or bamboo plank to complete your home’s appearance, our qualified floor installers will increase your new floor’s aesthetics and lifespan. No matter your choice of flooring, you can be rest assured that your professional installation is guaranteed by Abacus Flooring. A key to our success in the Sydney area is that we thrive from the satisfaction in providing complete attention to detail. We take pride in our customers’ satisfaction, which is gained through our attempts to supply them with a beyond satisfactory result. We are strong believers in team effort and guarantee our dedication towards your satisfaction. We assist builders, architects, homeowners and designers in an efficiently collaborative way, there is no such thing as a project that is too big or too small. You can be guaranteed a stress-free experience when you choose us. We know that floor installation can be messy, which is why you can be guaranteed that all our associates will treat your house or workplace in a way which will make you think that they were working on their own place. All work is done in a sanitary, tidy, and efficient manner.