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 ABACUS Floor Sanders Sydney

Floor Sanders Sydney, floor sanding Sydney and Timber floor sanding is considered by many as a task suited only professionals. It’s a huge work which generates major interruptions within your home. Adding to your woes is that large, frightening sanding equipment. However it is actually not too challenging. You can buy different kinds of floor sanders from the ABACUS flooring.

A Floor Sanders Sydney give you the following advantages:
1. They remove imperfections from the floors
2. They give fresh look to the old finishes
3. Drum sanders will decorate all the surface quickly
4. You can use them for board, wooden floors or parquet

Floor sanding and Polishing Sydney

Abacus Flooring (ABACUS) Floor Sanders Sydney are an Australian owned and nationally recognized company, located in Sydney. Founded in 1992, ABACUS Floor Sanders Sydney has come a long way since their modest beginnings, and today are highly regarded timber flooring installers, polishers and sanders.

ABACUS Floor Sanders Sydney specialise in timber flooring in the Sydney metropoliton area. If you have been unhappy in the past, now is the time to try ABACUS’s superior customer service and compare the difference.

We’d love to give you a written quote right now. Please fill in our contact form or Call ABACUS floor sanders Sydney at 1300 366 111.